Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lynn's Karmic Challenge

I just finished up doing this with a group of ladies from my Weight Watchers message boards, and I thought I'd offer an open invitation to do the same thing here...

Karmic balance!

We could all use some good karma points, right?

So, here's my offer. I have several pieces of nice/like new clothes in sizes that I no longer fit into. (24/26 and 4X for the most part) I don't need them any more, and I know there are loads of people out there who are on a different stage of their own weight loss journey who can probably wear them.

Below are some pictures, along with a description of the item. If you want it, it's yours. I will ship it to you - entirely at my own expense! - as soon as we work out arrangements. (Leave a comment in the blog, telling me what you want, and an email address for me to get in contact with you, and I'll make arrangements for shipping.) I'll also include with every item I send out a few "special" things that I've got - it could be a tube of lip gloss, or some scented body spray, or a USB-drive - totally random. All I ask in return is that when you're going through YOUR closet, that you re-gift to someone else.

Three weeks ago, I sent out a 3X belt with cupcakes on it that I'd gotten from Torrid last year to a girl in Canada. I included a deck of cards with 52 things to do when you're feeling blue, a tube of cherry glitter lip gloss, and a pair of cherry earrings. She was THRILLED to no end when her package arrived. Life had been really rotten for her recently, and a cute little care package from someone she only knows from a newsgroup really made her day.

Today, in the mail, I got a package from the girl who's one down from me... Jenny mailed me a pair of shorts with a bright flower print belt, a pair of capris, and a tinker bell t-shirt (she said she had never even worn this last one, her weight had dropped so quickly, and winter lasted longer than she expected, so she'd sized right out of the thing without ever having done more than tried it on a few times.) And I was thrilled!

So, here's the things that I have in my dresser that need to go... if you want them, please let me know. If you know someone who might want them, point them at this post!

This first pair of capris are size 24. They came from Torrid, and are made from denim. They have huge brassy buttons on the cuffs and near the pocket gromets. Very comfortable, but a little worn, as these have been my favorite pants most of the winter, so there are some fade spots here and there.

There's a size 3X sleeveless vest that goes with these pants (not pictured) that has matching buttons up the front and a tie in the back. I've never worn the vest because the buttons need to be sewn back into place (they were very loose in the store, so they marked the piece down by $20, but I never got around to sewing them back on...)

This second pair of pants, also a size 24 and also from Torrid, is one of those cropped pairs of pants. There's a pair of buttons at the bottom of each leg where you can roll the pants up to the cuff length you want and button them in place.

I've worn these a few times, and they desperately need to be ironed (which I won't do before mailing them out because I hate ironing ;-) ) but they're in very good shape. I got them on sale last autumn.

Similarly (not pictured) there's a pair of red capris in almost the same style, except instead of buttons, you can tie he cuffs up. They're the same size, and bright red, but I wore them less because they ended up not being the best color for my skin.

These are a size 24 black khaki style pants, from Mossimo (one of the various clothing companies that Target carries) They were a little bit on the big side, even for 24s, but very comfortable.

They're "walking pants" length, which means for me (being short) they were almost the perfect pant length, but they might be a little cropped on someone with longer legs than mine.

These shorts are a 24, and if you were around in the 80's, they're very 80's style... deliberate 'holes' in the fronts, and torn off legs. The ink stain near the right hand pocket is my fault tho... my husband left a pen in his shirt pocket and I didn't get it out before doing the laundry...

They are, however, VERY comfortable and great for doing things in when you don't mind if you get a little dirty.

This little sweater/cover up thingie is a size 4X mesh cropped top. It's got a name, I've just forgotten what it is. It's from Torrid, and really doesn't do much of anything - it's not good for keeping warmer, unless it's just a touch breezy, but it does LOOK cute. Forgive the model here, but I couldn't figure out any other way to show you what it looked like.

This is a size 22 skirt, black and psuedo-lacy panels in it. I got it with a gift card birthday present last year and have probably worn it about 8 times since then. Like the pants, it should be ironed (but won't be, because I hate ironing.) I bought it specifically to go with the above cropped sweater, and the two do look quite charming together.

This skirt is a 26, a very professional-looking plaid in dark red, tan and brown. It's lined on the inside for comfort, and it's wool, so it's nice and warm. I bought it and a matching sweater to wear for a Christmas party, then the sweater's sleeves fell off the first time I tried to wear it (long story) and I never could find a replacement for the sweater. Nothing else I own goes well with it, so I never wore it at all.

There's also a blue jean skirt, size 24, that I don't have a picture of either (there's something wrong with my camera, and it's not saving all the images...) that's very nice, also Mossimo, comes to about the bottom of the knee, and hasn't been worn much, maybe 10 times altogether, since I got it.

If you're interested in participating in the Karmic Challenge and you have clothing of your own that you'd like to find a new home for, make a post on your own blog and let me know. I'll link to you here to direct readers to sizes that might fit them better!


Erin said...

Cool Idea! I actually just cleaned out my closets (and the kids dressers) a couple of weeks ago...6 trash bags went to local people in need. Have you ever heard of reuseit or freecycle? That's how I got rid of my stuff, but hopefully I'll be down another size soon and would love to participate!

Diana Swallow said...

You absolutely ROCK for doing this!! I know so many people are shrinking and would love to give your too big clothes a new home.

Unfortunately, I'm still in 4X 30/32's at the moment and a few 26/28's so I'm going let them go to someone who can use them now!

Its so nice of you to do this!!

R.Shack said...

I agree... that's an awesome idea... one of my april goals was to go thru my stuff and get rid of too big clothes... and you've inspired me to actually do it and give it away.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

What a great idea, not to mention generous! I think I'll borrow it, if you don't mind.

HappyBlogChick said...

That is a good idea! I have a friend staying with me this week and she gets first dibs on my stuff, but after she goes through it we'll see what's left and I'll participate.