Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Before And After Pictures

I've been thinking about doing this for a while, so here goes.

This picture is my 'before' shot. It was taken on my daughter's 4th birthday (We were actually at my best friend's baby shower, which I helped coordinate)

This picture was taken near the end of February ( - 9 pounds)

And this picture was taken like 2 days ago (-13.2 pounds)

(As a note, despite the fact that I'm wearing tank tops in identical or similar styles, they are different sizes of the same shirt. The yellow one is a 4X, the green one, a 3X and the red one (it's actually sort of pink, really) is a 2X.

Update: (April 23: - 22.4 pounds)
I know this one's tricky. I'm facing the wrong way, to start with, and I'm wearing a sleeved shirt. If it makes you (read: me) feel better, I couldn't wear this shirt 20 pounds ago, it was too tight. (t-shirt size XL)

Updated 5/15 (~27 pounds gone) You know, I really need to get someone else to take these pictures! (t-shirt size L)
Update 6/4 - 32 pounds

Jeans size = 16 (woot!) Shirt size 14/16.

Update 7/18: -40 pounds, shirt size 14, pants 16 and held on with belt

Update: August 4 -45 pounds.

Shirt size - Medium (and can I say I love this shirt, even tho it's a terrible color for me? Those are little lime slices all over it!)
Short size - 14
Update: Sept 23 -~54 pounds
shirt size: medium
pants size: 12

Update: Dec 25th, 2008 - ~65 pounds
Dress size: 10
Update Feb 9: -~70 pounds
Pant size: 8!!
Shirt size: Medium (from Express, where the sizes run a bit on the small size!)
Check out those toned arms!!

Update, April 10: -75 pounds
Short Size: 5/6
Shirt Size: Medium
(as a note, there is not a deformed bunch of hair behind my head, that's my daughter hiding behind me...)

Update, Sept 4: - 85 pounds (goal!)
Jeans size: 4
Shirt Size: Medium


Anonymous said...

We've all got a long way too go. But it's terrific that your wearin smaller t-shirts now. Great!

Keepon going and you wll be amazed this time next year what size you will be wearing.

Anonymous said...

Lynn...AWESOME! I don't know about you but it takes me a lot of working up my courage to take pictures, because I nearly always hate them. I think that's a big hurdle for a LOT of us. I think it's awesome and you deserve a pat on the back.

I can definitely see the changes, particularly in your face and arms. You should be so proud of what you have done and are doing. Keep documenting it because it's going to be so great later on to look back at the whole journey.

You have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday if you celebrate!


Manuela said...

I agree with dietbook--it really shows in your face and arms. I love looking at before and after pictures. They are so motivational!

I did some for my February blog and still can't believe that was me!

Good on you and good luck with the Core plan.

Hanlie said...

Oh well done for taking the pics! The progress is noticable, so keep going! You're doing great!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Great step to chronicle your progress in photos!

It's hard to be sure in profile, but I think we're built similarly and it looks as though your loss is showing first in the same place mine did--the upper chest and arms. The rest will follow!

Unknown said...

I can notice a big difference in your face. It is great that you are doing progress pictures. I wish I would have done more.

Anonymous said...

wow that is some impressive progress.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow Lynn~You look fantastic. I can't believe you're not motivated by looking at those pictures where you keep shrinking and shrinking. It's motivating me!
I pray the shin splints don't keep you down too long.
It's exciting to be seeing you look more and more healthy.
Great job!

Brightcetera said...

Hi Lynn,
Your hard work is really showing!
I love before/after pics too. Very inspiring.

Losing Weight: said...

Just found your, you are doing great! Thanks for posting your pics...very inspiring! I teach Kindergarten...I love the story, The Hungry Little Caterpillar...great blog title too! :o)

Vodka Mom said...

okay. So now I'm with all the damn people who call you an inspiration. shit.

But, you ARE!

Anonymous said...

Gotta comment again to say I just saw this latest picture...WOW. You are flat disappearing. :-)

I'm so happy for you. Proud of you. I guess I won't say inspired know, you're a great example. :-)


~closed~ said...

You look FABULOUS! I love how you posted your pictures to show the progress. Congrats to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I am so envious. You've lost so much weight.

Learning to be Less said...

Oh my goodness! You look FANTASTIC. I have not done the progress pics like that. I shoukd have. It really gives you a true appreciation for all the changes you have had to endure.

I look forward to more.

karen said...

Congratulations on all of the amazing progress! I actually had to backtrack to see for sure that the last picture was the same woman that was in the first :)

Anonymous said...

damn woman.

simply amazing.


Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful :)

Foodie McBody said...

Your progress is totally amazing, and awesome!!!! I'm v. inspired.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I sponsor one of your blog posts? If interested, email me at blueplan - AT - LIVE dot com.

Thank You!

MJ said...

Great work...I know it isn't easy.
I work at eating and exercising every day and some days are better than others, but overall the health benefits are worth it.
The pictures tell a great story.
Keep on doing your best! You are a great example to your daughter.
Why not think about getting a new stylish haircut to go with your amazing new body? You won't regret the change and if you don't like it...well, grow it out again to what feels comforatble

Jannie said...

Awesome! You look terrific! I think the above commenter is right- how about cutting your hair? In that one picture where it's not in a ponytail, it looks so pretty. I'd cut it to shoulder length, or maybe even chin length. You can always grow it out again. Maybe some new glasses, too- or even contacts? Go for it!

Jannie said...

Aargh, I meant to say that in the one picture where it's not pulled back, it looks so pretty. I love how it looks framing your face.

Bethany said...

You have made so much progress!! That's great! I need to post some pictures...maybe I will do that this weekend.

Ana said...

Wow, Lynn! I love the way you posted your progress through pictures. You look amazing!

David Mary said...
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MJ said...

Congratulations, you look beautiful.
I know how hard it is to keep at weight management, but I bet you are moving towards making eating choices that don't sabotage your dreams.
Keep inspiring us with your pictures and progress. You are creating the life you want! Bravo!