Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Intervention, for emotion and excitement
Generally set apart from a sentence
By an exclamation point
Or by a comma, when the feeling's not as strong.
Sorry, that's been playing around in my head for the last day or so, even if the song is called Interjection. That's one of the many burdens of being a mom... you get the weirdest songs stuck in your head that are just impossible to dislodge. If you're very, very lucky, I won't start singing Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

This whole thing started with my friend Summer giving me what she called "unsolicited advice". We were talking about fashion (of which I know less than nothing) and how when I finally get down to a goal weight, I was going to drag her with me and help me put together a wardrobe. (As opposed to a bunch of t-shirts and blue jeans, and a few knit dresses, which is what I own now, and is about as fashionable as a trailer park... ) I don't really want to buy much in the way of new clothes right now. T-shirts will continue to fit me for quite a long time, even if they are 2 and 3xs. And one or two pairs of jeans or shorts... otherwise, why bother, since the plan is to lose another 80-90 pounds, and I'll just need more new clothes later.

She said to me "Well, if you don't mind some unsolicited advice..." (Why she thinks it's unasked for advice, I'll never know... didn't I just say I know NOTHING about fashion?) "I can see not replacing everything until you're down and stable, but always, always have a good couple of bras."

She can't see me, since we're talking over the gmail chat system, but I winced. "I have... erm... three bras. One's pretty good, one is bad, and one is horrible. Oh, and a sports bra that's pretty good."

"Girlfriend," she says, "You need an Intervention."


So, my intervention arrived yesterday in the mail... six brand new bras, ordered off of eBay. I got six bras (SIX! I don't think I've ever owned six bras in my LIFE, much less six bras that FIT) all in the correct size. With wide shoulder straps. No underwire. No fancy lace stuff (hate that 'scalloped edging'... makes my skin itch). And, even more surprising, in a variety of colors. White, Beige, Black for basic and then pink, pale blue, and deep crimson.


[For those of you here from Healthy You Challenge: I maintained this week, according to the scale. According to my measurements, I'm down 1/2 inch in waist, 1/4 inch in hips, 1/4 inch in thigh, and arms stayed the same. I've shaken up my workout routine, so I'm either building muscle, or (as Carol said it last week) my body is clinging to its fat because I'm in a bit of pain... In either case, I've lost ~7 pounds in the last 4 weeks, and I'm not unhappy about it. Thomas lost exactly 1 pound, so that gets him mostly back on track from his gain last week... Of course, not losing this week throws my stupid trending chart right out the window... biology makes no sense. Just so y'all know that. Still, I'm in a good mental place about my accomplishments, so I don't mind a maintain this week.]


Felicia said...

WOOO HOO its raining bras at your house LMAOOO Once I find a good fit I am soooooooooooo buying up a dozen or two lolol. Glad you got some new ones!!

Congrats on your success!!

Have a SUPER week!

Summer said...

Wow, I feel so powerful! And uplifting!

Manuela said...

I have realized that I HATE bra shopping. What kinds did you get? I tend to go for the more expensive ones because of the fit and support.

When you finally get to your goal weight and find a bra you love, stock up because that will be when they decide to discontinue it (it happened with me and a certain wonderbra style)

Can't wait to see the new Fashionista Lynn!

HappyBlogChick said...

WOO HOO - hooray for new bras. I have got to go get fitted. I'm jealous!

Congrats on maintaining - nothing wrong with that - your body is probably changing composition. You'll see a loss soon.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Both for the great advice for good bras, 6 additions to your wardrobe and the lost inches. Keep up the good work.

Susie said...

New bra's can always be such a picker upper--so sorry for the bad pun..but it's a nice new treat..and makes you feel pretty..oh so pretty..Great job on the maintain,boobie holders (as my kids call them)the inches and the positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

Bra shopping isn't my favorite. But when you find a great one that is soooo comfy, it does feel terrific.

Anonymous said...

Super cool intervention! I despise bras but if you have to have them - and unfortunately sometimes you just do - there's nothing worse than an ill-fitting one! And no bigger relief than getting one that does fit. :-)