Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Start

Ok, how exactly does one 'run by accident'?

I went out with my daughter for our evening walk - this is usually about two miles, and Thomas and I go, with Thomas dragging Darcy in the cart behind him. Thomas, as I said earlier, has some Mongolian Death Virus, so he begged off. As he hasn't eaten but maybe 20 points in the last three days, I didn't push it. He's been wobbling in the hallway going down to the bathroom.

So, we got to the sidewalk behind the townhouses in our area, and I said to Darcy "Want to run a bit?" and she said "Oh, yeah!" So we ran. Not very far, and not very fast, but we ran for about 15 - 20 seconds, and then we walked for about a minute, and then we ran again, and then we walked.

After a bit, I started to get a bit winded, and thought we'd go ahead and take the shorter route home, but even so, I mapped it out, and it's just under a mile, and although I was tired, we continued to run and then walk all the way home.

Two things of note: 1) next time, do NOT go jogging with a roll of quarters in your pocket. 2) DO go to the bathroom FIRST.


HappyBlogChick said...

That's wonderful! Go you!

I think it's always hardest to take the first step, and now you've done that. GOOD JOB.

(Oh, and yes, going to the bathroom first is crucial.)

Hanlie said...

I agree with HBC - we have so conditioned our minds to believe that we CAN'T do things, but this journey, if done right, challenges our beliefs. And we find that we CAN. Well done! Running those first few steps was huge for me - I burst into tears on the treadmill!

Manuela said...

Good luck with the Core Plan--I've never tried it myself. I do think it needs more planning ahead and I can be a little lazy!

Instead of doing the jogging (because of your ankle) follow the program's timing but do it with a fast walk and then slow it down. It's about getting yourself to move and believe me I'm not running! (I always joked that the only way you'd get me to run is if something were chasing me ie. a big dog :)

Good luck with that pesky plateau.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Has that Death Virus gotten around to everyone? My hubby and daiughter were sick with it 2 weeks ago. It triend to get me, but only lasted like 4 hours until my body evicted it.

I hope your many gets better soon.

Summer said...

Bet you're extra glad now that I pushed you to get new bras. ;-)

Doesn't it feel fantastic to be able to run with your kid? I remember the first time I spontaneously started running with Dorian as we played outside, not too long after I got back into T-Tapp. I just had the most stunning feeling of joy, simply to be ABLE and willing to run with my child.

(P.S. Your disc was mailed out yesterday! You might have it as soon as tomorrow.)

Anonymous said...

LOL...go you! That is awesome!

I always find that even if I DO go to the bathroom, once I get out on an outside trail with no bathroom in sight, I have to go. It's like a curse or something.

You're doing awesome. You're practically doing the first week's runs for Couch to 5K!