Thursday, January 3, 2008

Too Much Thinking

Gah, what IS it with me....

I ate breakfast at 10:00, so decided that a 1pm lunch wouldn't be a bad time to have something to eat... so at 1, I got up... while I was up I decided to make salad packs.

I bought a HUGE bag of shredded salad, carrots, and cabbage. Basic dinner salad stuff. $3.99 for the bag. I dumped the whole thing into the biggest bowl I had (and it heaped over the top in all directions.) ~11 servings. 20 calories a serving. So that HUGE bag was 230 calories. Cool.

I got out some other veggies: carrot sticks, baby tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and the last remaining quarter of a yellow bell pepper. I filled 11 sandwich bags with 1 1/2 cups of greens, added three baby tomatoes, one slice of bell pepper (chopped up), three small slices of onion (also diced), three slices of cucumber, and three baby carrots (slivered). I smushed the air out of them and lined them up neatly in the bottom of the fridge.

And then I came back to the computer... and sat down... and realized that I hadn't actually fixed/figured/or gotten...



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