Monday, January 14, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Second Weigh In...

Down another .4 pounds... so that's 1.8 pounds all together. Thomas lost 3.2 pounds this week... and he liked the meeting leader this week, so it looks like Mondays are going to be our nights from now on.

Like Thomas was last week, I'm upset about things that have nothing to do with my weight loss - or lack of appreciable difference, in any case. One of my friends, Jeanne, sent me a Christmas present; she's sort of notorious about the lateness of her packages... at least this year it didn't come in March. And she was very thoughtful, keeping in mind that Darcy has a peanut allergy. But it was a BIG box of cookies. And dark chocolate truffles, which are one of my favorite things. And I can't imagine how many points are in some of those things. One of the cookie recipes she pointed me out, I calculated the points. 5. Each. I ate five bloody points as my entire LUNCH today.

I've been in that weird stage of emotional problems that makes me feel like I'm always on the verge of tears... I'm not even really sure why. But I really lost it when I opened up this package and found the cookies.

I didn't eat any, though, and I guess that's good. My WW leader thought it was. She gave me five 'Bravo' stars for resisting temptation.

So tell me, why am I feeling guilty and upset about food I didn't eat?


Unknown said...

Maybe because you want to eat them. Which is really okay. Remember that you are changing your lifestyle. Will you go your whole life without eating another cookie or piece of chocolate? My advice is sit down with a cup of tea of course and enjoy a cookie or truffle(not both) and be accountable for the points. remember that you CAN use your 35 flex points. The big thing is to be accountable and as long as you don't make it a daily habit you should be fine. I hope this helps!! I know that when you first start it can be overwhelming. I do wish the best for you!!!

Summer said...

I found myself thinking about this post this morning, while I was in the kitchen simultaneously making my son's breakfast and lunch. So here are my hopefully-coherent thoughts....

Food isn't just food. We all know this. It'd be nice if we could think of food the same way we think about gas for the car or batteries for the TV remote, but it's NOT just fuel. We all have emotional reactions to food. Your first post about the cookie/candy gift made me think that even though you hadn't told your friend about your new commitment, you felt a little bit betrayed, as if she was deliberately trying to sabotage you. If that's true, then you probably felt guilty about that flash of anger, because your friend most likely DIDN'T intend to put an obstacle in your path, but just sent the gift thinking that you'd like it. Or perhaps you felt guilty because it feels rude to reject/throw away/regift a gift from a loved one.

You should be proud of yourself for resisting temptation. You earned those stars.