Thursday, January 17, 2008

Liar Liar!

Whoever said eating healthy is cheaper was a DAMNED LIAR.

You know, just in case it's on your list of why you should go on a diet... "Well, it's cheaper to eat healthy than it is to eat junk."



Try comparing the prices of a McD's double cheeseburger ($1 menu) and a McSalad (any variety, ranges from $3.50 to $4.99). Chicken? $4.99 a pound and rarely on sale. Ground beef? $2.99 a pound, and I almost always manage to find a packet or two that's on sale. Bell peppers are $3 each, where a candy bar is sixty-five cents. 12 ounces of fat free butter-flavored salt water is as expensive as a pound of butter. The low fat and no-fat cheese? More expensive than it's full fat cousins, with less in the package to boot! Fat bread? $1.29 a loaf. Tiny half sized slices, cut paper thin? $3.99 a loaf.

Previous to starting our 'healthy lifestyle', Thomas and I were running up grocery bills of about $80-$120 a week for a family of three. Now that we're on Weight Watchers? $250, $190, and $220...

And yesterday I found out that our rent's going up by $40 a month this year.

You know something is seriously wrong with your life when you consider strangling your housepets as a way to save $30 a month in pet-rent and $40 a month in pet food.

I really hope Thomas's company doesn't do pay-raises freezes again this year. I don't think we can afford it.

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Unknown said...

I agree it is not easy. I learn to stock up on things while they are on sale. I love Boca and Morningstar farm products so when they are on sale I get my coupons and stock up. I never buy chicken until it on sale. Fresh veggies are a different story. I buy bell peppers every week no matter what the price. The good news is that in the summer the prices do get better. Just think of it this way. You will getting heathier which in the long run will save you in medical costs.