Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hack n slacker

Yeah, I've been slack about writing here, but hey, what's to say...

Thomas, Darcy and I have all had some horrible Mongolian Death Virus for the last two weeks. You know, that always happens... Thomas takes vacation from work and one (or all) of us get sick. Or injured. Or someone on his team at work has to have surgery, so while he's 'on vacation' for a week, he's still working half-days that he doesn't get to take later. We're all on the mend... just in time for him to go back to work tomorrow.


Anyway, I did eventually tell my dad that we wanted the Weight Watchers for Christmas. Woo, exciting Christmas this year... he got us each 10 week passes to the meetings, and if we use all those, he'll get us 10 more, and then 10 more after that, for a total of 30 weeks (leaving 22 weeks for us to get, if we want to... )

And my stepmom got us 2 boxes of those 100 calorie packs popcorn. I hate microwavable popcorn. It smells weird. When it doesn't burn. But whatever. (as a note, the stuff tastes weird too, for the 100 cal packs. sweet, somehow. Like popcorn doesn't have many calories to begin with, so they had to add sugar to make the right calories fit into their snack pack size? I dunno. Tastes weird.)

So, we plan to start going to our meetings this week... and we haven't been walking because we've all been sick as hell... it's one of those things, really... I mean, hard to walk when you're coughing every other breath. So, while I wish we could have kept up with it, it wasn't possible. So we'll start that again this week.

I also got a Weight Watchers cookbook... why, tell me, is dieting so freaking expensive? Half the things in this book take weird, esoteric ingredients that I do NOT have laying around the house. What the hell is Wheat Germ, anyway?

I popped on the scale while I was up at my dad's for Christmas... 220 pounds. So, with my 'ideal' weight being around 113-135 and my 'goal weight' being 145, that's between 75 and 107 pounds to lose. Yeargh.

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