Sunday, June 29, 2008

Off the Reservation

As Thomas has said; this week, we went off the Reservation.

I have eaten:

full fat cheese
mint chocolate chip ice cream
a caramelo bar
chocolate fudge syrup
two stuffed sausages
one full calorie soda

I have not:

Counted any points
drank much water
checked my vegetables

I currently have:

a very dark tan
my period
lots of good memories

I did not:

Get into a fight with my husband while we were on vacation
Get sick while we were on vacation
remember to take my camera on vacation with me

Who would like to take wagers on how bad my weigh in is, tomorrow?

I don't really care. I had a good time, and that's the important thing, right?

Peace, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 2-pound virus will turn out to be a weight/time redistribution virus. It takes two pounds from one week, and bestows them upon another week.

I ate out at two restaurants today alone, for TWO 25-point(ish) meals. I had chocolate mousse. I had bubbly. And it was goooood. (Yes, I counted. Nope, no guilt at all. I was on vacation, dammit, and I aimed to misbehave.

Manuela said...

Hey, you're allowed a teeny gain every now and then. Somehow I think you'll be the same or down--that's what happens!

I've followed your wonderful tips but the paper is gone. This week is a clearance of all junk!!!

Anonymous said...

it really IS the important thing.

life is too short and today is a new day and ME WISHED I had a vacation.


Brightcetera said...

Sounds like you had a blast.
It's all about checks & balances, anyway. I bet you'll be surprised at how much you didn't gain.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Those memories are going to last forever, while any weight you may have gained will be totally ephemeral.

Life is important to live. Sometimes that means seizing the moment and enjoying it to the fullest. I am glad you did! :-)


Thinking Thin said...

I have this feeling you might find that it's not as bad as you think.