Thursday, June 19, 2008

FIMS (Foot in Mouth Syndrome)

The Explicated Version.

Email conversation.

Bridezilla: I found these dresses and wanted your opinions on them. Right now the plan is to get them in silver and a friend here is going to accent them with shawls or sashes or something. Assuming the dresses are alright I just need your size so I can get the order in while the dresses are still on sale.

Me: The dresses are lovely.

My biggest problem is the fact that I've lost 35 pounds since January, and hope to lose another 20-30 pounds by year's end, but I'm not really sure what my size will be. My best options are to get it now in a medium, and hope that I keep losing, or get it now in a large, and have it adjusted in Novemberish...

(I'm currently wearing a size 16 in dresses, which I think would be a medium)

Bridezilla: I think, Lynn, I'd like to order you an X large (because I've been through WW and I know first hand how things go badly), and we can have it altered if you've lost more weight by that time.

Me: (About 10 minutes later)

Actually, I went to look at the sizes on the dress's website, instead of amazon. and they're junior sizes, so a 2x is what will fit me now (their idea of a 3x is a "normal" size 18) and if I'm lucky, a 1x will fit me in December. If I drop another 3 inches by year's end, I'll be able to fit in the 1x. (these are not ego flattering sizes!) Since it's easier to adjust a dress *down* instead of up, and you want to order them now, get the 2X and I'll have it adjusted as needed.

Bridezilla: You sure you don't want the 3X?


Anonymous said...

Wow, way to be supportive, bride! Yeesh... it's her day and all, but you do NOT diss on the bridesmaids. She's *already* going to be wearing the best dress in the house.

*grin* I hope you're into a jr.'s large by Dec., and she has to reorder the bloody thing anyway because it'll be too much to take in!

meldawn97123 said...

Ugh! How awkward! I think you handled it well, though!

By the way, I just stumbled upon your blog and I am truly enjoying it!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Bridezilla, indeed. I don't think I would've been as kind as you were and would have told her where she could stuff her dress--2x, 3x, or any size she wished. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Sizing is so's completely inconsistent.

Bridezilla needs Godzilla treatment for sure... tactical-nuke-in-the-mouth might be more effective than the foot...

Unless it's YOUR foot. :-)

I think that was rather horrid of her. Way to not support you. Fortunately we all know how wrong she is, and by the end of the year she's going to feel rather stupid.


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Im with Cammy. Who is this woman, and why do you have to be in her wedding? Im pissed off for you. I think in this case I would suffer from FUPHAS (Foot Up Her Ass Syndrom).

Stick to your guns girl, and do what makes you feel comfortable.

Lynn said...

This is the thing. She's not actually my friend. I've never even met her before.

She's marrying my friend, and he's standing up with her problem-child brother, and I'm standing up with her.

Honestly, I have no idea who's getting the worst end of this bargain.

Anonymous said...

OMG..poor you! I can't believe she was saying that stuff and she's not even your friend!! You, girlie, are one tolerant and understanding person! I hope your friend sees what you are going through for him! Now, when you do lose all that weight & have to get your dress altered like 3 shove it right in her bridezilla face!! Now there is some motivation for you!! =)

Lora said...'s an even worse bridezilla story (my niece - she was the QUEEN of them all!) actually asked one of her bridesmaids to order this $16 deoderant because she noticed she sweats a lot and didn't want sweat stains in the photographs!

Don't get me on a roll here....but one more! She called my sister the day after the wedding (before they left for thier honeymoon) and asked her if the gift she given them was "it" or has she perhaps missed an envelope.

Sorry - your post just made it all come back to me!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

My slapping hand is getting twitchy. Well done in how you handled it. I really hope you end up losing so much weight that they have to reorder the dress in the 1x!