Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C25K Redux

So, I gained this week.

Not unexpected.

I didn't actually go over my points... but I did eat total crap this week. Pizza. Fried Southwestern Spring Rolls. Beer. Heath Bar covered cheesecake. Which means I was short on oils, vegetables, didn't really chose whole grains... ya know. Crap. Oh, but my my, it was tasty.

I still haven't become that crazy woman who doesn't think that cake is very good. I enjoy the hell out of most of the high fat, high calorie food that I eat. (Well, except for the pizza. I sort of ate that without really thinking much about it... by the time I ate, I was starving and had been playing pool and dancing and whatnot all evening, so I wasn't thinking, just eating. Kinda sad. I like pizza.)

On the plus side, I'm still working out three days a week. I'm still doing the push up challenge.

And really, I don't feel too bad about my gain. It was 1.6 pounds, which is sort of annoying because it's more than I lost last week, which means my net over the last two weeks is... still a gain. Yuck. However, I'm not that distressed. Having the push up challenge gives me something with which to feel successful. I'm now doing 48 push ups in a session. A few weeks ago, I could only do three in a set before collapsing.

Today, I restarted the C25K program.

I didn't have a problem with the running (although I did have problems with my hair staying up... I must have retwisted and pinned it at least four times because it kept falling down.) Running on the treadmill helped a lot with the jolting that I got in my legs in previous attempts. Not to mention my breathe control and endurance has increased... I could not only breathe easily while running, but actually managed a short conversation with a fellow exerciser.

Despite my gain, it's been a good week...


Learning to be Less said...

I am impressed by the pushups. That is no small challenge. Are you challenging yourself or did this come from someone else?

I like your attitude. You are very inspirational!

ptg said...

What a great attitude to have!! Keep it up!

SeaShore said...

I hear ya about the cake. I don't think there will ever come a time when I won't love a high-fat baked treat.

Congrats on the push ups and C25K!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Way to go on the pushups!

And sounds like you're planning to get right back on track with the healthy eating... and that's the important thing in the long haul.

Becky Fyfe said...

Great going on the pushups! I can only manage one improperly done pushup before collapsing.

Becky Fyfe said...

Great going on the pushups! I can only manage one improperly done pushup before collapsing.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the non-scale stuff that matters more - well done on the push-ups and the running!

My attitude has always been that life happens. Sometimes we can control our food and exercise and be perfectly on plan. Other times we can't but we need to look at the whole instead of each bit separately. So this week may not have been an on plan food week but brilliant on the exercise!

Diana Swallow said...

WOW your pushups are so impressive. I do them against the wall...for now.

Martin Cooper said...

It has touched it! It has reached it!