Friday, February 27, 2009

Do Over (and over, and over...)

For those of you who have asked; family stuff is... well, going. I've had some constructive conversations with one cousin, and some less constructive conversations with another. I was (and continue to be) rather astonished by how much I care about this, honestly. Anyway, the beginning of the week was emotionally draining and I thank everyone for their support.

Last week, my babysitter (he comes over once a week, on Friday, and is generally asked to watch Darcy for about ninety minutes to two hours... and he often stays about an hour after that, which occasionally bothers me because really, I'm sweaty and icky after the gym and I'd like to go take a shower now please...) told me that he was going out of town Friday morning, and he couldn't make it this week.

I asked if it was possible to change days, and he said he definitely could come on Wednesday or he might be able to make it Thursday morning. I did some thinking and said Thursday would work better for me, because otherwise that meant I was doing back-to-back workouts (Tuesday and Wednesday) and then skipping 3 days before I could get back to the gym, which just didn't seem like it would be a good plan to me.

He said, "I'll call you and let you know, but I should be able to come Thursday around 10am."

(Well, he's not a great babysitter, and he's not always reliable, and I have - on more than one occasion - come home to find him sleeping on my sofa and been grateful that Darcy's not generally the type of kid who shaves the cat, writes on the wall with Sharpies or otherwise is destructive. But he is cheap. And since he doesn't really have another job - sometimes he substitute teaches and from time to time he does some tour-guide stuff - he's usually available.)

Thursday morning rolls around, but I haven't heard from him. At 10:15, I call.

"Oh, right. Yeah... well, I'm still a little behind on my homework for class tonight, so no, I can't."


I ponder for a bit, then give another friend a call. Her job lets her out around 3-ish, and could she come over, maybe, and I could get a work-out in before Thomas gets home? I leave a message on her phone.

I decide to take the better part of my currently open time and do a Wiirkout. I start with the aerobic stuff and do a couple sessions of hula hoop, some step, some advanced step, some jogging in place (which for some reason seems to be easier to me than jogging/running on the treadmill... not sure why...) and some free step (most boring exercising evah!). When I finish with that, I've been wiirking out for 33 minutes and I'm dripping sweat. I take a few minutes of a breather, then start doing Yoga. Halfway through my yoga, my friend calls back. Sure, she'd be happy to watch Darcy for a little while!


I decide to go ahead and finish my wiirkout, just so I get my cooldown in and don't get stretched all funny by doing some upper body work but no lower body work. When I call it quits, I've logged up over an hour.

About mid-afternoon, Darcy decided she really, really wanted to go outside, so outside we went. I grabbed the flyers I made up for my 3 Day Walk and we went around the block tacking them to doors. Up and down several flights of stairs - and hey, when did the building across the street from me CATCH ON FIRE? half the units are marked as uninhabitable. You'd think I might have noticed that when it HAPPENED!

Then my friend showed up, so I changed clothes and hit the gym for about an hour... 45 minutes on the treadmill, some chair dips and table dips...

When I got home, Thomas had gotten back from work. The weather was unusually nice - given that it's been flipping freezing for several weeks now - so we decided to go for our "short" walk, which is the 2.2 miler...

65 minutes on the Wii, 30 minutes walking around the neighborhood hanging up flyers, 45 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes stretching, 15 minutes walking back and forth TO the gym, 40 minutes on our walk... we were an hour into our Naxx speed-run last night when I started getting muscle cramps and shivers.

Oh, I hurt.


d.fine09 said...

I love the term Wiirkout. Isn't it incredible the great workout you can get from it if you focus.

Hanlie said...

Ah, but it's a GOOD sore! You rock!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

holy workouts lady! Way to burn some serious calories!!! Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

wow....great work outs!