Monday, May 19, 2008

Reality Bytes


Scene: Office luncheon. Conversation in Progress. Thomas, Ashleigh, Kai Lan, and Nathan.

Ashleigh: So, let me get this straight. She's losing weight, cleaning the house, running, and dyed her hair?

Thomas: Yeah, and...

Ashleigh, Kai Lan and Nathan exchange looks.

Thomas: What?

Nathan: She's leaving you, dude.

Ashleigh: Definitely. By the end of the year.

Kai Lan: Sorry about that.


Scene: Dinner with the in-laws. Conversation in Progress. Thomas, Lynn, Rosie, Howard, and Darcy.

Howard: Losing weight and changing your life? You're a bit young to be having a mid-life crises, daughter.

Rosie: And you credit Flylady with all this housecleaning and lifestyle changes?

Lynn: Well, I...

Thomas: ::firmly:: No. Flylady is a tool. I credit Lynn with having the determination to change her life when she was dissatisfied. And she's done an incredible job. I couldn't be more impressed with her.


Scene: Personal Email, excerpt. Lynn, Angelia

Angelia: ...On another note, I've told you this before, but I'm so impressed with your weight loss and it's neat to see how you are changing in your writing on the WW board. Not that I ever considered your comments anything other than helpful or kind, it's just the seem, less cynical, maybe?


Scene: Personal Phone call, excerpt. Lynn, Ardelle

Ardelle: ... looking forward to seeing you next year, hon... especially so much less of you... you know, I never thought you'd ever realize just how bad you looked...

Lynn sighs.


Scene: Personal Email, excerpt. Lynn, Carol

Lynn: I saw someone passed me the other way while I was running who was smoking a cigarette. I can't image why on earth you'd want to smoke while running. I mean, that just seems pointless... Even if you're only running because you're late, smoking seems counter productive. Addicts!

Carol: *laugh* Yeah, that's kind of weird. Even if you accept the non-logic of hoping the two will cancel each other out, I can't see doing them at the same time. I'd at least have to stop running to smoke. Lean against a tree or sit on a bench or something for my nicfix, then toss the butt and get back to the trail. Weird.

Lynn: I did actually complete my run today, all 8 intervals, even if I did get followed by a half-grown mackerel cat for a while. That was weird. I could understand if a dog decided to chase me, but a cat sort of loping along behind me was just WEIRD. I'm beginning to think there's a weird magnet hidden in the lake or something.

Carol: That would explain why you're running over there...

Lynn: ...

Carol: Oh, come on, you didn't really expect me to pass that one up, did you? :D


Scene: After a hard day, reading through comments on blog entry. Lynn

Rose: I know it's hard to do but you don't need to prove anything to him (or anyone else for that matter) because you're great no matter what.

Cammy: Fwiw, I believe in you, too!

Hanlie: I believe in you too!

Valerie: the very least that you will know that you really are an awesome person. You don't have to prove that because you're walking, talking evidence for it. :-) Many hugs.

Thinking Thin: Why shouldn't he be proud? You are an incredible woman, don't ever doubt that.

Lynn cries.


R.Shack said...

Oh wow... you know we HYCers love you right? That's it. :)

Hanlie said...

I think it's amazing that you and Thomas are changing your lives together. Just think what that will mean to your daughter in future...

You always entertain me

Anonymous said...

I love the mid-life crisis comment. Check out my first post today for my thoughts on that!