Thursday, January 3, 2008

That's a Wrap

I've figured out the secret of how people lose weight on the Weight Watchers diet... it's that they have so much frigging supplementary materials to read that they stop eating for a few weeks while they read it all. Then, as soon as they started eating, they gained it all back.

I'd like to think I was kidding, but HONESTLY, the amount of reading material I brought home is of the quantity (and almost quality) of what I used to bring home from COLLEGE. Jesus.

There is a substantial gap I see in the plan, at least as far as it's going to work for Thomas and I. The big one is that he gets 38 points a day and I get 27. That's a whole frigging extra meal a day he gets. He says he's concerned about it because he didn't eat any differently yesterday than he normally does. I say that he hasn't stuffed an entire dozen doughnuts into his stomach recently either. Maybe he doesn't eat any less regular food on the plan, but he's also not buying box of moon pies (they're on sale!) and eating two or three of them while watching tv. He says he doesn't even want to know how many points a moonpie is. (It's 5 points for one, I looked it up...)

The other problem I'm personally having is obsession. Healthy or otherwise, all these plan materials are OBSESSED with food. Every single picture in them has someone eating or drinking. I don't want to have to think about what I'm eating every single time I pick up a fork. Now, maybe that's part of my problem. I don't think about what I'm eating very often. I'll sit down with a box of crackers and without really being aware of it, I'll eat almost the entire box. We'll see how it works out, I guess... maybe I need to be more aware of what and when and how often. It does, however, seem slightly counter-productive, as when I look at or think about food, I get hungry.

Last night, our grocery bill was about double what it normally is. $239. Holy jumping Jesus... but we had to restock a lot of basics. I suspect we also overdid it quite a bit and next week we'll only need to get Thomas's frozen lunches and refresh on fruits and vegetables.

(As a side note, I find it mildly amusing that Darcy is underweight for her age group. The doctor said we should move her back to whole milk for a while.)

While I'm bitching: I'm not big on this whole grain thing. I HATE wheat bread. Like, with a passionate hatred not unlike that I feel for the slimy things that run out from under a sock that fell on the laundry room floor and you didn't notice until like a week later. I'm probably going to have to get used to it, but for the time being, I'm still eating white bread.

Anyway... let me move back to the basics.

I'm weighing in at 218 pounds (I've been guessing and poking at my diet since Christmas, but I'm not sure how accurate my dad's scale is, so it's either off, or I lost 2 pounds already.) My '10% goal' is to get down to 198...

I'm not sure how I feel about the meetings yet. But there were a LOT of new people yesterday (shocked! I'm shocked, I tell you, that the 2nd of January had a lot of new members) and I might be a little more comfortable as things settle out. I'm committed for 10 weeks, at least... My dad said he wouldn't buy anymore of the 10 week passes unless we used all of this one...

I am planning to commit to this for at least 26 weeks (6 months...) and we'll re-evaluate once we get there.

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