Tuesday, January 8, 2008

At Weight Watchers, Everyone Gets Lei'd

So, we go in to our meeting today - we decided that Tuesday 5:30 was going to suit our schedule a little better - and the Meeting Leader is handing out cheap little plastic Leis... this week's 'theme' is "going to Hawaii".

Fortunately, she didn't really stick with this theme much, which is cool because I don't like tropical islands or beaches or pineapples.

She decided to do a motivational 'fun' activity instead. She passed out these little scraps of paper with a list of 10 things on them. "Does Core Plan.." "Has met their 10% goal" "Loves pineapples" "Has been to Hawaii" etc.

And the idea was that we were to run around the room (well, walk/mingle) and check out with our meeting neighbors who had what... and when you got a name, you got a lei. When someone got you as a name, they got your lei with a prize going for who had the most leis at the end.

Oddly enough, I won. First off, I'm very sociable, especially in a situation where there's a lot of people I don't know in a small area. Secondly, there wasn't a thing on that list that anyone could check me off for, so while I got many leis, I didn't have to give any out. So, with six leis, I got a free snack box of 2 point weight watcher snacks. I grabbed Chocolate Caramel, and those are Just For Me. Thomas cannot have any!

So, I'm sure you're all weight-ing (bad pun, sorry) for my scores, so I'll tell you...

First Week: 218.2
Second Week: 216.8 for a loss of 1.4 pounds.

Go me!

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Anonymous said...

*cheers quietly as to not make a big deal of it but is secretly very happy for you* ;)