Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Placeholder Post

Back when my mom got married, in New Orleans, Thomas and I had a great vacation down in the Big Easy. For whatever reason, despite his complaints about my stuffed animals, Thomas fell in love with a giant alligator stuffed animal. The thing was huge. Like four feet long.

There was no way we were going to be able to get it on an airplane, so we didn't buy it. But for weeks afterwards, Thomas complained about not having it.

So I bought it for him, for his birthday.

However, first in locating one that I could buy on the internet, arranging shipping with this tiny little shop on New Orleans, it wasn't going to be on time for his birthday. So, since I didn't want to give him nothing for his birthday, and I couldn't really afford two birthday presents, I got him a placeholder alligator. About 8 inches long and rather squashy, it was cheap and cute, and I managed to get it in the day before his birthday so I could wrap it.

Today's post is a placeholder post. Something tiny and small and a cute substitute for a longer, more thought provoking post later. I have a lot of things I want to talk about; I just haven't had the time to sit down and work on them.

So, I will leave you with the following bits of news, and the promise of a bigger, better post later.

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tas said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit. looking forward to the "real alligator" post.
Aren't those things wild!?!? We never went for the whole alligator but brought back a head for our teenage son when we went to New Orleans. He LOVED it! must be a guy thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

@tas- having seen it in person, it's a plush stuffie alligator, NOT a real alligator that's been stuffed. (But I'm sure either one would be Core. ;) )


Have a weird statistic: if my calculations are correct, 50 pounds lost means you've disappeared nearly a whole cubic FOOT of yourself-- 0.88 cu.ft., or 105 cups of fat. (Probably more, in all honesty, since you've replaced some of it with weightier muscle.)

kikimonster said...

Dontcha hate when you have nothing to say on HYC Tusedays??? :)

Anonymous said...

AAAAACCCCHHH!!! (does frantic dance of joy)

I can only imagine some of the things you must have to say about these two "bits" of news - which are ENORMOUS. Progress-wise, emotionally, philosophically speaking...

I'm overjoyed for you and definitely looking forward to reading the Real McCoy. Congratulations and well done. You've so earned these.

Oh, and thanks so much for your last comment - I consider that to be a compliment of the highest order!


Thinking Thin said...

Guess what? You are the winner of the Biggest Loser Challenge, you loser! 11.86%!

So, now you have to pick your prize and send me a photograph that you want to put on your prize (it needs to be at least 150DPI).

Oh, you will have to be patient with me it will take about 2 weeks because I will have to order the mats :). I don't have everything in stock.