Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Around the Neighborhood

So, I've been walking daily - except Sunday. Seems like it would be a good plan to take one day off; sleep late, and rest.

Saturday, Thomas and I went for a long walk - all the way down to the Marina and back. Why yes, we have a boat slip in our community... not that I have a boat, or even want a boat, but the point remains that I could have a boat. If, you know, I wanted one. Here's a lovely view of the Elizabeth River from the dock...

We walked a little over three and a half miles and admired all the McMansions that are in the back end of our community. The main road of our village is U shaped, and there are several smaller roads that go off of that U that are all considered part of the community. And all the way in the back, down the longest of the of the side roads, there's the Marina, and the Private Road. There's about seven houses off that private road, and we couldn't really see them very well; each of those has its own private boat slip, but not much yard. And honestly, they all looked the same from what we could see.

There are a lot of people who walk, run, bike or otherwise exercise around the community, so we nodded to a lot of people.

Because there are more people who are out on the sidewalks, there aren't as many wild animals - that we've found. Darcy has complained a bit that she misses the family of muskrats that live near our old place. Although we have found there are hundreds of turtles and large fish in this pond. We've gone over a few times with stale bread and frozen vegetables to feed the inhabitants.

And today, I discovered that there's a different sort of wild animal around here... the ferocious yap-dog.

Damn tea-cup sized dog wrapped its leash around my leg and bit the back of my calf. Twice.

And the owner decided to yell at ME about it?

Excuse me, lady, you're the one who can't control your rat on a string.


Fortunately it didn't break skin, but honestly...


Krissie said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your daily walk - it looks like you're blessed and fortunate to live somewhere with beautiful scenery and some privacy.

Stay away from the yippy wildlife and happy December, Lynn!

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