Monday, September 14, 2009


As if I needed more reasons to hate my body, I got two pieces of information this week that in turns disgust and amuse me.

First, I apparently have no ass.

Second, my thighs aren't big enough.

I went jeans shopping this past week with my friend Leslie. Shopping with Leslie is nothing like shopping with my other girlfriends. While my other girlfriends tend to tell me things are cute, Leslie spent most of her time criticizing. Not so much criticizing me, exactly, but the quality of the clothing, the fit, the color, the prices. She blames this on having a very picky father who insisted on absolutely the best, followed by years of being married to someone who - while he himself might not have had tons of cash, was at least the spoiled child of people with a lot of cash.

So... she's fussy about clothing.

And while I'm an apple, Leslie is a pear. (Well, a pear with an enormous chest.) I don't have a waist, so to speak. And I have absolutely no butt whatsoever. Any jeans that closed around my middle were baggy in the butt.

I had, actually, never noticed this. For me, what's always been more important about jeans fit was how well they reduced the look of my protruding stomach. One of the big problems I've had with my appearance, post weight-loss, is that I don't look thin. I am weighing in around 129-131 pounds (first thing in the morning) and yet I look like a smaller fat person.

"Well, that's unattractive," says Leslie, as I walk out of the fitting room in a pair of Old Navy sweetheart jeans. They're a size 4. SIZE. 4. Damnit.

"What is?" I turn around in the mirror.

"Your jeans... you bag in the butt. And believe me, in jeans, that's the place where you never, ever want to be baggy."

"What are you talking about?" The jeans were pretty damn snug, actually. They fit tight over my stomach and yet didn't spill muffin over the top.

Leslie walked over to the mirror and turned me until I could look at my butt. "Here."

She was right. Just under where my ass would be (if I had one) were a series of creases. I tried on another pair of jeans. And another. And we went to two more shops.

They all do it. Every. Single pair of jeans. Including the ones I was wearing.

I finally ended up getting two pairs of 4s at TJ Maxx anyway... they still bag in the butt, and yet it doesn't seem like there's anything I can do about it. If the jeans fit in the butt, I can't snap them closed (or if I can suck it in hard enough to zip them up, I get terrible muffin top.)

I'd feel even worse about this if it weren't for one consoling factor. Leslie's jeans might be stretched tight across her butt and thighs, but they gap terribly in the waist. No one ever has to wonder what kind of undies she's wearing...

So, I'm not unique, even if I am the only apple in my group of friends. At least my jeans are comfortable, rather than being stretched here and there, and making me worried that someone's going to feel tempted to drop an ice cube down the back of my pants.

Jeans are just Not Made for Women.

On the other hand, there's nothing I can do about my thighs. I already walk so much as to be ridiculous, and having lost 85 pounds, my thighs are measuring in around 18.5 inches at the moment. When I started the whole weight loss thing, my thighs were 27 inches around. I think I'll go ahead and stay in the higher risk category, ok? Ok.


Alyson said...

Jeans are hard, but keep trying them on in different stores. They all fit a little different, and you might eventually find a pair that works. This is the exact reason that designer jeans are a big deal...the price is outrageous, yes, but when you find the fit, you just go for it.

Sheryl said...

I have the same problem with my jeans and I still need to lose 85 pounds. If I get them to get in the butt they won't snap and if they snap the bag in the butt.

My thighs are also out of proportion. If they fit my thighs The waist is too tight causing the upper part of my body to turn blue, if they fit the waist they bag in the thighs. Hey, I'm seeing a pattern, maybe I just need to lose the gut :p

Jeanne said...


Rebeca said...


If you want some booty I can send you some... I have some extra lol

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I feel your pain. A pair of Ann Taylor Loft jeans are the best I've found so far. I actually look like
I have a butt in them.

Hanlie said...

I also have a weird-shaped butt which makes my pants look funny... It's hard to find something that fits properly!

Anonymous said...

Its definitely difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans. I do find that the higher end brands tend to fit better. However, my old standby are Old Navy...then tend to be close enough to perfect that I will suffice.

Anonymous said... now I can be HAPPY about my irreducible thunder thighs??!! I never thought I'd see the day!

You're right, jeans aren't made for women. I tend to have one comfortable pair and three uncomfortable ones that I never wear and eventually give away. Right now my comfortable ones are developing holes in places that aren't cool...and I'm dreading going shopping for more. :-(

But who cares about the jeans? You've got so much to be proud of!!