Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Fat Zero


This weekend there was a "software" update at Weight Watchers. My leader and receptionists were busy trying to get their computers to actually work... and they weren't working particularly well.

I don't know if this botched up the calibration of the scales or not.

However, last week, the Wii Fit said I was up over the week; not much, just .2, and my losses at my official weigh in ended up being -1.4 pounds. This week, the Fit said I was down 1.4 pounds from last week, and my official weigh in was up 2.6 pounds.

Combined with my gains and losses, that adds up to a big fat zero loss for the last month.

And yes, before my faithful readers plaster the comments: water weight, salt, time of the month, too much exercise (I did walk almost 13 miles on Sunday), I'm sunburned, I didn't overeat but might have undereaten again. I know. Believe me, I'm 18 months into this weight loss journey, and I do know all the various psuedo-reasons that I had an unexpected gain. Plateau... etc. Yep, check check check.

I really, really need a vacation. I'm so tired of everything. I'm tired of my housework; I'm tired of my husband; I'm tired of my child. I'm tired of listening to my friends and their complaints about the stupid places they work. (Silver lining; three of them work at the same place and while I get to hear the same complaints three times in a row, I don't have to try to keep track of more than one set of stupid office policies...)

And after spending a good deal of time yesterday trying to get my points tracker lined up for 19 points, I'm NOT going to change it back to 20.


Unknown said...

I never get a accurate reading from my Wii scale. It called me obese when I first got it...so its not really my friend. lol

Id love to see a daily food journal with 19 points that you are allowed. I always cringed when I lose a daily point or two and it scares me to think I will be at 19 someday!! YIKES!

:) tj

Anonymous said...

These weeks are the the hardest, aren't they? It sucks when everything in life just seems to fall out of alignment at once. Hang in there. Can you take an afternoon off or something? Sometimes it really helps me when I have had it up to *here* with everything and everyone to take an evening by myself. Leave the kids with my husband and go do something that is just for me. Alone. When I come back, kids are in bed and I have a little more time to myself. Works wonders (til te next morning when little people start waking me up to ask for things!).

You are doing great!

big_mummy said...

im sorry you are feeling this way, you sound utterly fed up. is there no way that you can just go somewhere for a holiday- even just a long weekend?? sounds like you need it so that you can move forward. your doing great not giving up, and i am sure you are rocking that sunburn!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I'd offer to pick you up on my way to Florida, but, um, you're not ON my way to Florida. If you'd like to join me there, though, feel free! :)

The thing about these stupid unexplained gains (along with unexpected losses) is that you can't do anything about them but continue doing the same "right" things. We ought to get a consolation free meal or something, don't you think? :)

I still can't get over that missing point. So wrong.

Here's hoping for a better result next time and an end to the tiredness.

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Hope you can get a break and some "me" time soon. Hang in there and keep making healthy choices. The scale will catch up.
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