Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Deserve the Limelight

A few months ago, I discovered something about myself. I'm a fan of limes.

You'd think it wouldn't take til I was nearly 36 years old to figure this out, wouldn't you? Heh.

Several years ago, my friend Carol got addicted to those Hint of Lime tortilla chips, but I couldn't stand them. From that, I decided that I must not like lime much (It's not like lime stuff had come up in my life much before that... lemons, yes. Oranges, yes - I hate oranges, but it had at least come up. Grapefruits, yes - ditto on grapefruits! YUCK!)

That's all beside the point, I suspect. Didn't know limes were my thing. Until one night, we were eating out at Don Pablo's and I got the Carnitas meal, which is an assemble it yourself taco with pulled pork, avocado, tomato, onion, and lime wedges. I always have liked the assemble it yourself stuff, it's fun to play with my food at the table. And I was in the mood to try something new. And I love avocados, and pulled pork, so I thought I would try it.

It was amazingly good. (Not entirely healthy, but I can still eat it, if I allot for it in my daily points... Don Pablo's does have available Nutrition Information, thus they get a nice linky...) And one of the things I noticed about eating it is that I was immediately in a much better mood than could easily be explained by simply having dinner out with a friend (especially as the friend I was going out with was Toby, and Toby has a distressing habit of chewing with his mouth open and slurping his soup, which makes me seriously sick to my stomach - one of the reasons we tend to do Don Pablo's with him is that it's almost always too noisy in there for me to be able to hear him slurping and smacking and otherwise carrying on as if he'd never been told that was rude.)

I noticed the same effect the next day, when I opened my box of leftovers and the lime smell filled the room.

Now, admittedly, I class aromatherapy in with the same group of crystal twinkie faux mysticism naturopathic medicine that has a great commercial following here in the US. Which is to say, my inner cynic likes to make fun of it.

That being said, if a thing works, why knock it? Even if it is completely in my head that the smell and taste of limes makes me feel better, isn't my mood entirely in my head anyway?

I started seeking out lime-flavored things, especially as I started this lifestyle change. My particular favorites are Diet Coke Lime (Diet Pepsi makes a lime, too, but I think the Diet Coke's version smells and tastes better), Dentyne Blast, Cool Lime chewing gum, Truelime flavor packets for my water, and Weight Watcher's Key Lime pie dessert.

Two weigh ins ago, I made my 10 pound marker, and I bought myself a little reward. (I thought about not using it until I'm back to 10 pounds after this week's gain, but that's sort of silly, don't you think? I did lose those 10 pounds, and if TOM snuck a little bit of it back on me, it should go away next week...)

Anyway, here it is... lime-scented, glitter lip gloss.

I do have to say that one thing I've always found attractive about myself is my mouth. I have full, pouty lips (well, maybe not as full as Angelina Joline, but personally, I think she looks like a bee stung her on her lip, ok?) and this lip gloss both smells and tastes good.

Thomas... is not so keen on it, but that's because I keep getting glitter on his mouth.


Hanlie said...

I love lipgloss! That one sounds divine!

Pattie said...

Great post, all the way around! I love that you treated yourself in such a fun way after reaching 10 pounds. Yay you!

I love lime. It's one of my favorite flavors on Earth. I went through a phase about nine years ago where I'd take a glass full of ice cubes, squeeze fresh limejuice over the cubes, sprinkle salt over the whole thing - then suck the ice cubes. It wasn’t until a year or so later that I found out my daughter's boyfriend thought I was getting schnockered every night - he thought I had tequila in the glass, too! Nope, just lime juice.

Don’t try this at home: it reeks havoc on your tooth enamel...

HappyBlogChick said...

Finding a new flavor/scent is a wonderful thing. Enjoy!

Your "crystal twinkie faux mysticism naturopathic medicine" made me giggle.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I'm glad you used the lip gloss--you EARNED it!

Glitter? :)

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

I love lime. I like to squeeze it into seltzer water and pretend its soda. Much better for you and oh so refreshing. Great post!