Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Walk Around the Block

Well, my first walk.

I'm a little out of breath and rather overheated, but I expect that's normal. We walked a mile in about 20 minutes. From our apartment we went out to the left, over to the main road, down to the traffic light, and back onto our street. On our way we passed two joggers, a gang of sk8r bois, an abandoned pair of white Nike hightops, and an aggressive beetle which flew up the cuff of my pants. What is it with me and bugs that like to fly into my clothing?

I think the worst thing about it was that it's very chilly outside, and the house is Quite Warm, which makes for some uncomfortable transitioning. Also, I think I need new sneakers. My ladies Reebok's that I've had for like... four or five years now, I guess... seem to have an uncomfortable lump in the right hand side of the right shoe...

Note to self: buy white socks. I don't have any blisters now, but I will probably develop some. And I've heard nasty things about colored sock dye slipping into open blisters.

Note to self: figure out a way to carry a bottle of water with me that's not too uncomfortable.

Note to self: Let Thomas talk more. I talked almost the entire way, and while the walk itself wasn't too bad, the running dialog was a bit exhausting.

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