Monday, November 3, 2008

Odd Moments

Well, to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak:

First, my secret. Starting next year, I am giving serious consideration to attempting to write a diet-book. Lifestyle change memoir.

Actually, technically, Thomas and I will be writing it together. Having read several diet-books lifestyle change memoirs is that they don't cover what Thomas and I have been doing, which is to say, doing it together. The ones I've read are either written by single people (not that there's anything WRONG with being single) or by women who have to deal with the stereotypical "problem husband" who has to be tricked into eating healthy, or who insists on eating a separate meal. The other ones I've looked into, but not bought, that were written by men tend to be instruction manuals, with full (or psuedo) scientific backing.

Now, I know Thomas and I are not unique in our experiences as a dieting couple embarking on a lifestyle change. There are at least three other husband-wife teams that attend our Monday meeting. Even so, I think we have something to say, in a unique voice, that may not have yet been said in this multi-billion dollar industry. If nothing else, I think it will be good for us to solidify our experiences, even if I can't find an agent interested in publishing it.

So, that's my idea, and a tentative working title is A Couple of Losers.

On to other new business; (How's that for a transitional sentence. Yeah, it sucks, I know.)

As some of you know, and some of you don't, I do like to write. Over the last... eh, ten years, maybe? I've co-written one and 2/3 novels, and written one solo novel. The editing process is... still progressing. If you can call "having the best intentions to get back to this someday" progress. Having a child can be exceptionally disruptive, especially as they get just independent enough to get into massive amounts of trouble, but resent being watched over with hawk-like intensity. (Thus, there's crayon all over the back of Darcy's bedroom door...)

On the other hand, it's just an excuse. I find time to do other things, so it's simply a matter of finding the time to write.

To that end, I've decided to jump off the freaking deep end. Unofficially, of course.

I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year. If you're unfamiliar, click the link and go read Wiki's take on it. I'd point you at their official site, however, at this time of year (which is to say, the month in which NaNoWriMo is held) getting to the site is a... hit or miss proposition. Google it yourself, if you're really curious.

In any case, I'm attempting this month to shuck out three pages of writing every day.

Yeah, I'm crazy. Did you even have to ask?

No, I'm not trying to write A Couple of Losers as a NaNoWriMo project. Instead, I dug up a cyberpunk/sci-fi idea I had about 18 months ago, but didn't really make any progress on. So far, I've put out about 8,400 words in three days, which is a hell of a good start.

(Yes, you will from time to time, get updates on this project here. If you don't care about it, just feel free to skip those entries. Yes, writing 1,666 words a day for a project may interfer with regular updates to this blog. Sorry. While everything is about structuring my time, there is still a hard and fast rule of only 24-hours in one day.)

(Further aside; if you are really interested in reading what I'm writing, shoot me an email; tisfan at gmail dot com and I'll see what I can do about keeping you posted, provided you're not going to be a jerk and try to steal my idea or post it to the interweb or anything like that. Why you'd want to is beyond me. NaNoWriMo focuses more on quantity of words rather than quality, so for the sake of getting words on the page, I'm not really focusing on character voice at all. I can go back and edit that later. Theoretically.)

Next order of business:

Weird moment.

I went to a Halloween party this weekend hosted by a friend I haven't seen since March.

I don't do a very good job of judging people's size. My general knowledge tends to go along this way: Bigger than me. About me-sized. Smaller than me. LOTS smaller than me.

Anyway, my friend Darcy (yes, that does get confusing...) used to be firmly in the Smaller than Me sized. In fact, she was Lots Smaller than Me. Not any more. Honestly, I couldn't tell you if she's gained weight, but she's no longer Lots Smaller. She's not even About me-sized.

It was a very strange moment for me, at that Halloween party. I'm used to being one of the largest ladies in the room. (I wish I didn't play that game, but damn it, I do. I don't feel really good about myself that I play the comparison game... I feel like I'm buying into the pecking order that I fought against so much, but I still can't help doing the drift around the room, counting and evaluating. ) This time, I wasn't the largest lady in the room. In further fact, unless you count my Darcy (who is five years old and still wearing 3T pants!) in the list, I was the same size or smaller than every other woman in the room. Thomas was well and away the thinnest man.

It was... an odd moment.


Anonymous said...

running off with my Tornado but had to say WOO HOO!

im so very glad youre gonna write about your journey.

and second the writewritewrite and worry about edits AFTER.

Regan said...

Good for you! Found your blog through wwtweets. Amazing pics, btw. You look fantastic!

Hanlie said...

You are such a gifted writer and I think your book idea sounds wonderful!

And yay for odd moments like that!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Yaay for new books! Your writing style is perfect for capturing the ups and downs of loser couples. (If you ever need a quasi-editor or beta reader, let me know.)

I've given serious thought again this year to doing nanowrimo, and I think I'll do it, but not until January. :) Good luck!

kikimonster said...

I started NaNoWriMo and already quit. I had some personal issues over the weekend, which totally screwed with my writing. I think I'm with Cammie. I'll do some NNWM over the summer :)

And... I like the title!!!

ptg said...

Love the writing idea - you are so incredibly talented and have such a good voice. I am colored jealous of your talent. :o)

That being said, I'm glad you do the same sizing thing that I do - who knew! One of my closest girlfriends always, always was in the Smaller Than Me category. I saw her again recently (she was back here in vacay) and I thought that I had moved into the Same Size As Me category...but according to Hubs, she was firmly on the Larger Than Me category.

So I truly understand that *weird* part.

Anonymous said...

back. just wanted to say thanks for always taking the time to comment and to SHARE.

I know how busy we all are...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE NaNoWriMo. I LOVE that it's about getting the words down rather than getting them perfect, because that's the battle really (at least for me, because I tend to go back and edit every sentence twenty times). A few years ago, I wrote 2/3 of a juvenile fantasy (not my forte, really) during NaNo. It isn't great but it's there and someday I'll stop pissing around with this other one that's never going to sell, and finish that one.

I'm so excited for you and proud of you. You have an amazing voice and facility with words and I am genuinely excited to read what you're producing - both the (non)diet book and the NaNo project. I'll happily offer my services as a First Reader if you want but you'll probably get a LOT of offers in that vein. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi to a fellow WWtweeter! I'm really impressed that you are going to be writing a diet (erm, lifestyle change) memoir! It sounds like you and your husband will have a unique perspective to provide to readers.

Anonymous said...

Writing a couple's memoir is a great idea! That is NOT something I've seen, but something I know I would read. My husband and I are doing it together as well.

That is so great that you were not the biggest in the room. I notice if I am as well. I think we all do.