Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nine and a Half Weeks

(Well, more like Seven weeks, but hey, making obscure, old movie references is kinda fun...)

Anyway, it's been seven weeks since the last time I hit a 5-pound star. I hit 55 pounds lost on October 6th, and then pretty much bounced around between 54 and 58 for weeks.

I've been trying to be patient and determined and not frustrated and if you've been paying attention, you know I have not been doing very well at those things... you also can probably guess how much of the impatience and stressed and frustrated that you haven't seen. I had three weeks in those seven where I gained, or maintained. Quite frustrating, really. It's by far the longest stretch of time I've had between 5 pound markers...

But we have increased our walking in the last two weeks, and I think that's made some difference. Also, I've been a lot more careful to journal what I'm eating (Or I would have been, if my computer hadn't taken a sudden nose-dive last week and caused Thomas to spend at least 48 hours during his week-long vacation trying to keep it running. Obviously, it is running, but it's not at all... well, you'd have to see it to believe it... the thing is on the floor, open, because the replacement power supply - scrounged from another system - doesn't fit inside the case. It's given to shorting out randomly, and my graphics settings are turned to the bare minimum, somewhere between Big and "Do you want your mom in Georgia to be able to read this without putting on her glasses?") I've lost almost 4 pounds in the last two weeks, which is pretty good for me. These days, I've been lucky to lose more than a pound at a clip...

Anyway, since I haven't been around for much this week; between my computer not working, and when it was working, I've fallen face-first into the new Warcraft expansion... here are some scenes from my life in the last week that I thought I'd share with you.

Scene: 6:30pm, Thursday night.

Lynn: Oh, hell.

Thomas: What?

Lynn: We need to walk tonight. And it's the long walk. And I haven't started dinner. So by the time we get home from the walk, at 7:30, it'll be past 8 before dinner's ready... maybe... Ah! yes. I can cook dinner in the toaster oven. When it reaches the end of its timer, the toaster will turn off.

Thomas: Are you sure?

Lynn: Sure...

(somewhat later, about 1/4 mile away from the house, on the way back.)

Lynn: I think so, at least. That the toaster will turn itself off. I've never actually tested that theory.

Thomas: Are you burning the house down?

Lynn: Nah. Worst that'll happen is dinner will be completely inedible and we'll have to order out Chinese. And not like my diet-friendly Chinese stir fry, but you know, deep fried egg rolls and teriyaki steak and...

Thomas: ... 12 points a cup General Tso's chicken?

Lynn: Exactly.

Thomas: Never thought I'd be hoping for a burned dinner before....

[As a note, dinner was perfectly fine. The toaster acted exactly as I had thought it would, and will probably become my preferred way to cook dinner on Thursdays and Fridays, since we take our 3.4 mile walk on those days, which takes us about an hour, and leaving the house at 5:45 after Thomas gets home from work puts us at having dinner at a reasonable hour... Further note, having talked about Chinese food in detail, we decided to do Chinese as our splurge this week, and had it for dinner on Saturday instead.... I ate 5 mu shu pork rolls and one chicken teriyaki apetizer. Yes, with WHITE RICE too.]

Scene: Saturday, 10am

Darcy, playing with doll: My name is Darcy Angelia Carpenter.

Doll: And my name is Beth Carol Dollie!

Darcy: And this is my Mommy. Mommy Carpenter. And she needs to lose 30 pounds!

[Guess I've been talking about my eating plan a little much recently....]

And my last interesting piece of news... Thomas is now at goal! technically, a bit below goal. Two weeks back, he got to .6 pounds away from goal... then last week, he gained a pound... and then this week, he lost like 4.4 pounds... (god, that makes me so furious sometimes. I know he doesn't do it just to piss me off, but really... just once! I'd like to have a good loss and not immediately be upstaged by a factor of 2!) so now he's a bit under goal and weighing in at 172 pounds. (He's 6 feet tall and was aiming for a goal weight of 175...) So... now we're entering a new stage of our life...


He gets now, on Core... 63 extra flex points per week to play with.

While I have another 32 pounds to lose before I'm at goal weight.

Yeah. This might be tricky.


Hanlie said...

Well done for getting that next badge, Lynn! And well done for Thomas for being at goal! You'll work it out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to beef up his lunch some, so you're not having to watch him eat more...


Chubby Chick said...

After reading the comment you left me today, I had to come and tell you that you are anything but inept! You've lost 60 pounds so far... and that is quite an accomplishment! You are doing great... and you look great in your progress pics... and YOU are great! :)

Keep up the good work! :)

K @ Running Through Life said...

A big congrats on your weight loss. Woohoo!

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Such pretty bling and so well-deserved! Grudging backpates to Thomas as well!:)